Our Turnology
Turnology is our reward program. Earn Badges and Turns by contributing actively to the growth of our community!

Add points to your badges for helping grow the Turnbull network.
Invite your business network to Turnbull, make introductions between members or process transactions via Turnbull to earn points for our three different Badges. This is a great way to show how active you are and how much you contribute to solving other business’ challenges by growing the network.
Gain new members
Introduce members proactively
Process transactions via Turnbull
Earn 15 Turns for each successful invite and gain another free month with each 2 new successful invites!
Turns are tokens valued at EUR 1 each, that can be exchanged for valuable rewards. For example, you will receive Turns credited for every new member that you successfully invite to Turnbull. You can use this for services that are otherwise chargeable on Turnbull - for example to pay for your monthly membership or for a credit check. More helpful services will be introduced soon.