Turn questions into answers!
What is Turnbull?
Who can use Turnbull?
We use generic E-mail (like Gmail) for our business. Can we use them for registration?
How does Turnbull use artificial intelligence (AI)?
What types of memberships are available on Turnbull?
Which payment options do I have for my membership?
Which billing periods can I choose?
How can additional users from my company being added to Turnbull?
Why is there a waiting list for self-employed and freelancers?
Personal profile
How can I edit my profile?
Where does the data in the pre-filled fields come from?
A pre-filled field contains incorrect data. What can I do?
What is meant by "Experiences"?
Who is the information in my personal profile visible to?
How do I find out who has viewed my personal profile?
Company profile
How do active and inactive profiles differ?
Where does the data in the pre-filled fields come from?
A pre-filled field contains incorrect data. What can I do?
Who is my company visible to?
How do I find out who has viewed my company profile?
Products & services
How can I create and edit my products and services?
Is the price I quote for a product or service binding?
What is meant by “USPs”?
What is meant by “Hashtags”?
Who are my offers visible to?
Can I find out who has viewed my offers?
Address book
Which contacts are displayed in my address book?
How can I download contacts from my address book?
How can I introduce two of my contacts to each other?
How do I delete a contact from my address book?
How do I block a contact?
Turnbull Messenger
Can I invite people to chat who are not Turnbull members?
How do I initiate a Group Chat?
Can I download the history of a chat?
Turnbull Video
Whom can I talk to via Turnbull Video?
Can I communicate to several people at the same time in a video call?
How do I invite multiple participants?
How can I schedule a video call?
How can I invite guests to Turnbull Video?
How can I share my screen in a video call?
Can multiple screens be shared simultaneously in a video call?
Can I offer my own events such as webinars via Turnbull Video?
The transmission quality is poor. What can I do?
Can I use Turnbull Video on my smartphone?
Badges & Turns
What are Turns?
What are Badges?
Where can I find an overview of my Badges and Turns?
Data protection
Does Turnbull sell my data to third parties e.g. for advertising purposes?
How is my data being used?
Can I process transactions via Turnbull?
Company verification
Why do I need to verify my company?
How does the verification process work?
Why has my verification failed?
Is verification free of charge?
Somebody verified my company for him/herself, what can I do?
Which countries are supported for direct verification?
How do you verify my company?
My company has been verified before, and our information is updated. How can we make an adjustment?
How can I follow up on the status of my company verification?
Account and sign up
We use a generic email (like Gmail) for our business. Can we use them for registration?
I’m the right owner of a company, but I can't sign up; I got a message that the company has signed up before. What should I do now?
My company has been terminated or liquidated. I have still access to the business email: can I still register?
I never signed up to Turnbull; how come my company information is represented on your website?
I'm the new owner or director of the company, and I want to update this information and remove the access of the previous owner or director respectively. What should I do?
What are Turnbull’s own products?
Can I pay with Turns in the shop?
Why can't I download certain information from some of the companies?
Are products like Turnbull VCU and the underlying documents actually legitimate?
I bought a company analysis, but I could not download it. What should I do?